RawShooter essentials

Premium 2006

Rowshooter essentials

Current version 1.1.3 (Windows only)

A lot can happen in an instant – but it takes careful planning and preparation for success.

The RawShooter essentials set is designed with you, the photographer at heart; providing all tools needed to produce beautiful images without stress or worry about how they will turn out!
The lightweight yet powerful software offers image priority assignment which prioritises individual shots according their importance. S

o there’s never any need worry whether a particular shot should go first during post processing thanks too its easy-to use interface complete featuring plenty more helpful features like exposure correction options while also being available on both PC/Mac systems (Windows & Apple) as well.

The program has powerful image correction tools such as noise suppression, color-noise reduction and shadow contrast adjustments.

These will be applied immediately on your dynamic preview no matter what magnification you’re viewing it at! You can also use new features like Detail Extraction (which shows exactly where detail falls within an object) or Fill Light for more creative control during post processing time.
Snapshot: Several variations of the same RAW file with various levels of corrections applied – this allows viewers to see how each variation looks after any given level is imposed upon them without having made those decisions beforehand.

The Multi-threaded Batch processing of the Canon EOS 1Ds MKII allows you to convert huge files in seconds with images queued for conversion, while automatically keeping your card updated. No changes are made directly on these Raw Files so any color alterations will be saved externally from where they originated!