New Version 3.0 Now Available

The new version 3.0 allows you to easily archive your photos on a CD or DVD with fast and easy operation features such as disc spanning, multi-disk index gallery for almost all image formats including Nikon NEF ( Nicotine Esters), Canon CRW(32bit Calendar compliant)and many other RAW images too!

This program can be used by anyone who wants an easier way of managing their digital photography collection whether it’s from one camera type/brand OR different brands like Hasselblad Sony Minolta etc…

  • With AC, you can be sure that your files are safe and secure.
  • The program automatically creates an HTML web-style photo gallery for each disc in the archive set – this means no more scrolling through hundreds of pictures on a DVD!
  • You’ll even have access to all those pesky RAW images without any conversion software required (Canon Nikon etc). Click here if want some information about which types are supported by Photo Index
  • The simple 3-step operation of selecting files, processing them and burning CDs makes it easy to create your own photo CD or DVD.
  • The entire set is on one disc so you can find any image even if they’re not present elsewhere in the drive!

The AC program is a Windows based tool that will allow you to simplify the task of archiving large groups files by automatically spanning them across multiple discs. This design maximizes disk storage potential while minimizing time required for organization and processing in an efficient manner!

The Adobe Photoshop world is a competitive one. Photographers who generate large amounts of data and processed work can easily archive their “digital negatives” with this program’s capability to save in various file sizes for different purposes, which makes it critical that they have access at all times during editing sessions because mistakes may not go unnoticed if you don’t see what went wrong straight away!

The ability to view an entire album without having the physical CDs or DVDs is a major plus. The photo index makes it easy and quick for you!

This means that later, if you are looking for an image and have access to any of the media discs from this set (or wish), then without having shuffle through your files until finding what is desired photo file on-hand…you can insert it into whichever program seems like most appropriate at time; whether digital camera or computer based.

You can have a professional-looking website without any technical expertise by using our HTML photo index and archival media. We’re compatible with both Windows or Macintosh computers, so you don’t need any special software on your computer to view the photos besides Internet Explorer (or Netscape browsers) if that’s what YOU prefer!

The Index will create from most RAW file types too – this means we’ll be able help people find their lost images no matter which camera they used at capture time.

  • Setup
    Select files, set options and name Archive Set (shown here previewing a JPEG image file, as well)
  • Process
    The easy-to use interface of the Archive Creator makes it a snap to create an archive with all your media. You can even have it spanning multiple discs if you need too! With this program, creating web style indexes is simple and quick – just let everything run automatically from start until finish without having do anything more than clicking on “Mesh” or ‘Web Style’.

    This way any time someone wants access their files they’ll be able see what’s there right away because both thumbnails as well as individual images will show up in full detail during preview stage
  • Burn
    Insert a blank CD or DVD into your computer, click Write Disks to start the burn process. our files will be verified and when new media is needed you can use Burn-Proof Technology (or write DVDs) in background while doing other things like searching online or reading email